Monday, March 31, 2014


Are you on Instagram?
Follow me! I will follow back. My instagram id is "mommycraftsalot".

I've been spending more time on Instagram and Pinterest lately (mommypinsalot). I think it's just so much more convenient for me to hop on my iphone rather than the laptop. I can do it in between juggling my other "mommy" duties during the day. Believe it or not, I've also been spending a lot of $ on there. HA!
I've bought several bows and even a smocked dress on there this past week. 

If you have a business then I highly suggest signing up for Instagram if you are not already on there. It's a great advertising tool for your "goodies".

Since I follow a lot of folks my instagram feed can be quite messy. I did a little housecleaning of sorts earlier with friendorfollow.

Friend or Follow is great because it will show all of the people that you are following THAT ARE NOT following you back. Some may have just fallen off due to inactivity or some may have just got rid of Instagram all together. I just like to keep my lists tidy and in order (unlike my craft room). So, I went through and removed a ton of accts. Now I can actually find more things to buy and more cute photos to like :)

Follow me? "MommyCraftsAlot"

Saturday, March 22, 2014

How to create bottlecap images in Photoshop

Want to create your own BOTTLECAP IMAGES? Here's how to make bottlecap images using Photoshop.

*The Elements and GIMP tutorials will be up soon :)

Click this link for the bottlecap image tutorial. This is a PDF file so you may need a PDF reader if there is not one already installed on your computer.

Free bottlecap images too!
Click this image and save it to your computer. It will need to be printed on 4x6 photo paper :)

Plastic egg tea cups

The eggs are out!
Grab a few extra packages so you can make these cute "tea cups".

It's a fun project for your little ones too!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Working with bottle caps

Bottlecaps are not NEW to the bow making scene. We have been working with them for as long as I can remember. I'll be honest though. I was NOT a fan of bottlecaps way back when....

Now? I have found NEW love for working with them.

Bottlecaps are great because they allow you to add ANY image you want to in the middles of your bows. 

I prefer flattened bottle caps.

I buy the majority of my bottlecaps via "group buys" on facebook. There are so many different GROUPS on facebook. I almost certain if you just type in "group buy" or "supply group buy" that several would pop up.
This is probably your best bet on finding them at discounted prices.

Here are a couple of other places that sell them :

Bottle Cap Co

Bottlecraft Art Supplies on Etsy (I have got some pretty good deals on "Scratched" bottlecaps from this vendor. The majority of the caps will have scuffs or "scratches" (Some not even noticeable) but they are easily covered up with a bottle cap image.) These would be great for other projects *Not limited to bow making.

Now that you have your bottle caps here is a list of OTHER items you will need : (or at least things that I use)

1 inch hole punch (This is for punching out your images) 1 inch is the perfect size to fit inside the caps.
Can be found at your local craft store usually in the scrapbooking section

Bottle cap images (the fun part) There are so many places to purchase bottle cap images. My two favorite are below.

Jazzy Caps 

I like big freebies (FREE IMAGES!)

Epoxy Circles
You can usually find these where you purchase your bottlecaps.
They go on top of your image to seal it and give it a better look :)

Felt Circles (one inch)
I use one inch felt circles on the backs of my bottlecaps before securing them to the project. It gives them better "grip".

If you are using the regular bottle caps (not flattened) then you may want to try these furniture pads (one inch) to go on the inside of the caps. This will provide a place for you to add your glue before attaching to your bow.

Watch this video for information on how to ATTACH THE BOTTLECAPS to your hair bows :

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Need a tip?

Take a tip.

Have a tip?

Share a tip!

Here's a couple of "crafty" tips for ya :)

Are you like me? Do you make a big mess in the craft room and then become too lazy to clean so you just shove things in a drawer? What? I'm the only one.

Well, if you ever do decide to shove ribbon in tiny drawers or fold it causing wrinkles then all you have to do is whip out your flat iron and "flatten" that ribbon. They also make a small flat iron (mini) that is perfect for ribbon.

This is also great for bows that have become SMASHED (eeeek!) Just take your mini flat iron on the inside of your loops and round them out again!

DULL Scissors?

Cut a piece of sandpaper several times OR a piece of foil :) This should help until you decide to buy a new pair.

Pesky glue strings?

Store your glue sticks in the freezer. This will help prevent the glue strings!

Still have them? a little heat will help them go away! Plug in the hair dryer and give your finished project some heat. If you are making a bow you can use your lighter. THE FLAME DOES NOT NEED TO TOUCH just a swipe around with the "HEAT" will do the trick :)

Don't like a FLOPPY bow? Want them to be FIRM or STIFF?
Try this trick:


Do you have a tip to share? Leave one! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Lookie! Rainbow party printables

Stacy of I like big freebies made this RAINBOW party printable just for us!

For best results: Print on 8X11 cardstock or photo paper.
Included above: cupcake wrapper, cupcake toppers, bag toppers and banner printables.

Print out as many as needed!

Be sure to visit I like big freebies as a THANK YOU :)

We are in the land of BREAD

We have been in this "new to us" city for 3 weeks now. It was time to "visit" a new church (and when I say VISIT I mean VISIT....I do plan to be back HOME attending our HOME church again.) Don't get me wrong I do like where we are now. It's just not "Home".

ANYHOO (Why do I always take a detour from what I originally intended to talk about?) We visited a church yesterday. It was a pretty large church (about 3 times the size of ours). I had been stressing the entire week about attending. Kennedy is ..... Well, KENNEDY! She does not like staying in the nursery. We had JUST got to the point where she would actually stay in our own church nursery (and she KNEW those people). So, I stressed. It was one of those "Mommy Stress moments". Ya know those? "What if she starts crying when we drop her off?" "What if she screams and kicks and grabs on to the door saying NO! NO! HELP ME! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME? PLEASE NO NO NO!!!"

See, a "mommy" stress!

I tried getting her excited the whole week. "You are going to play with your friends!" Her reaction: NO
"You are going to have so much FUN!" her reaction : NO!
"You are going to play with new toys!" her reaction : NO!

See why I get stressed now?

Fast Fwd to Sunday morning. I'm one big ball of nerves. (yes a little teary eyed as well) We walk in to this HUGE church and someone greets us and takes everyone to the proper place. "Will you be needing the nursery today?" she says   :GULP:  The husband shouts YES! YES! lol

We get there. DUN DUN DUN.... We try to shove her items to the closest hand available so we can get the heck out of dodge. Daddy puts her over the gate and I CRINGE!


Nothing at all.

We pick her up after service and she is playing ball with another kid and she is SMILING! We actually had to call her over so she would acknowledge us.

This week I stress for my TEEN though. LOL! She will be meeting the "youth" next Sunday.
I can do this.

Bread? What bread? Yeah, like I said I venture off topic.

As "visitors" we received a loaf of homemade bread. These people love bread around here. I am not complaining at all. That was some AWESOME bread :)

Maybe that's a way for them to tell the visitors from the members? He who carries bread...Visitor! lol

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