Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CHUNKY bubblegum beaded necklace tutorial

Hair bows move over.....make room for "Chunky Bubblegum Bead necklaces"!

Ay Yi Yi, Like I needed a new addiction, right? 

I started buying beads months ago and never made a necklace. I said "I'm over beads!" I did. Just ask my friends :) I made a necklace. I made another. I made another....Well, you get the point!


These bubblegum necklaces are really easy to make and they make great little photo props.

**I let Kennedy wear her necklaces ONLY when I am around her at all times. The beads are small enough and it worries me regarding choking.

Reagan wears the necklaces with no problem since she is older. 
I have even made myself a couple!

You can find the jewelry wire, crimp beads and clasps/closures at your local craft store.

If you need the beads try doing a search for "acrylic bubblegum beads" or "acrylic chunky bubblegum beads"

A few places that I have bought from in the past :

I also buy from many bead groups and bead destash groups on facebook. There should be a thread on my facebook page that was started not too long ago with a list of groups accepting members.

20mm and up is considered "chunky". I always work with 20mm and up.

So, when you are buying keep that in mind. 20mm and up (chunky!)

You can find a huge assortment of spacer beads and other findings on the Auntie's Beads website.

You do not necessarily HAVE to use jewelry wire. You can also use stretchy elastic cording or ribbon for your necklaces. I just happen to think the wire holds up a little better :)

If you are ready to make a necklace be sure to check out my tutorial below :


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Those are adorable! I just might have to make some!

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